More about the project

Main results and conclusions

The project started as previously scheduled in the proposal with a kick off meeting, agreements on the methods to be used and the search of appropriate alternative phosphorus fertilizers for pot and field experiments.

We contacted important stakeholders like the colleagues of the EU P-Rex-Project, and organic farmer’s organizations. A project webpage, a project information leaflet as well as press releases were prepared in English and national languages and disseminated. Furthermore, a project working platform with password-access was implemented to share files (e.g. literature, project documents, minutes) and informations.

Last but not least, three factsheets were prepared: one about precipitation products from sewage sludge was already published in January 2015, another about meat and bone meal is in the production cycle, and the third one in the editing phase.

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PD Dr. Kurt Möller, Universität Hohenheim, Germany



Julia Cooper, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Astrid Oberson, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Switzerland

Paul Mäder, FiBL, Switzerland

Jakob Magid, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Anne-Kristin Løes, Bioforsk, Norway

Stefan Hörtenhuber, FiBL, Austria

Jürgen Friedel, BOKU, Austria   

Project stakeholders

Farmers, consumers, researcher, politicians, farming associations.
All targets are also relevant for all other countries outside the partner countries, as an effective and improved P recycling is of worldwide relevance