Webinar 28 Sep. 2021 at 10am: Main results of the MIX-ENABLE project

The partners of the MIX-ENABLE project invite to a final webinar on September 28, 2021 at 10am to present their main results.


Introduction: Project objectives, consortium and plan of the presentation by Guillaume Martin (INRAE)

1st Session: Characterization and integrated assessment of organic mixed livestock farms in Europe

  • MIX-ENABLE farm data: From farm surveys to the project database by Marie Moerman (CRAW)
  • Identifying characteristics to estimate the productivity of multi-species organic farming systems in Europe by Leonardo Monteiro (SLU)
  • High farmer satisfaction in multi-species livestock farming systems by Lisa Schanz (BOKU) and Bernadette Oehen (Fibl)
  • Linking performances, structures and farming practices in multi-species livestock farms by Marc Benoit (INRAE)

2nd Session: Farm-level experiments in organic mixed livestock systems

  • Mixed grazing of steers and lambs in presence of an adaptable nematode by Steffen Werne (Fibl)
  • Potential benefits of mixing young cattle and broilers by Severin Hubner and Kerstin Barth (Thuenen Institute)
  • Effects of mixing crossbred beef cattle and sheep in mountainous grassland-based systems by Sophie Prache and Patrick Veysset (INRAE)

3rd Session: Modelling and co-design of more integrated organic mixed livestock farms

  • Reducing vulnerability of organic mixed beef-sheep farms : Simulations with the Orfee bioeconomic farm model by Claire Mosnier (INRAE)

4th Session: Compilation and dissemination of results

  • User-oriented outputs of the project by Fabienne Launay (IDELE), Guillaume Martin (INRAE) and Marie-Angélina Magne (ENSFEA)
  • Conclusions: Take home messages by Guillaume Martin (INRAE)


Use the online registration form online for the Mix-Enable final Webinar: http://limesurvey42.idele.fr/index.php/284171?lang=en

CORE Organic Cofund is an ERA-NET funded by the European Commission´s
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Contract No. 727495.