GREENRESILIENT will improve organic greenhouse production

The CORE Organic Cofund project GREENRESILIENT will create sustainable and resilient organic and biodynamic vegetable production systems in low-energy greenhouses.

The project will demonstrate the potential and feasibility of an agroecological approach to organic greenhouse production. It aims to enable the build-up of robust agroecosystems adapted to local climatic conditions in different European areas, with regard to both productivity and sustainability from an agronomic and environmental point of view. 

Multidisciplinary team

The project consortium consists of scientists with multidisciplinary competences (agronomy, agroecology, soil chemistry, entomology, plant pathology, weed science and ecology) from eight countries with relatively large areas of certified organic production.

The main expected result of GREENRESILIENT is the definition of innovative and resilient cropping systems for Mediterranean, Central and Northern European certified organic production. In five experimental sites (two in Mediterranean countries and three in Central and Northern countries), the cropping systems will be redesigned to solve the main technical constraints of organic production in greenhouse in the area, improving its agronomic and environmental sustainability. The new strategies will be developed using a system approach and by combining knowledge from different disciplines. It is the consortium ambition to develop the agroecological ”food citizenship” concept in the project framework.

Coordinator: Fabio Tittarelli (E-mail: )

Partner countries: IT, SE, BE, CH, FR, DK, AT & NL. 

The project activities are organized, as detailed below, in five Work Packages (WP): 

WP 1 – Scientific and administrative coordination and quality control (F. Tittarelli, CREA-AA, IT)

WP2 - Resilient cropping systems (K. Koefoed Petersen, AU-FOOD, DK)

WP3 - Crop yield, nutrients availability and soil fertility assessment (K. Willekens, ILVO, BE)

WP4 - Soil health and functional biodiversity (B. Alsanius, SLU, SE)

WP5 - Communication, actors’ involvement and sustainability assessment (M. Koller, FiBL, CH)

CORE Organic Cofund is an ERA-NET funded by the European Commission´s
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Contract No. 727495.