Greenresilient experimental site visit: Optimizing Crop rotation in organic greenhouse cultivation in Switzerland

On August 7th, a presentation of the Greenresilient project was held during a special day dedicated to exchanging experiences about vegetables crops. The meeting and visit of the greenhouses was organized by FiBL and Agroscope, and took place in Conthey, Switzerland.

Presentation of the Greenresilient project. Photo: Valentin, 2019

Researchers involved in Greenresilient described the experimental design and the main objectives of the project to more than 40 participants, including farmers, agronomists, policy makers at the national and local levels, as well as researchers. Greenhouses, where the different rotation system and associated crops are tested, were visited, encouraging discussion on technical issues and on the sustainability of such agroecological practices in protected conditions. The participant also had the opportunity to taste the tomatoes and melons growing in the different Greenresilient trial-systems and to evaluate them.

Related to Greenresilient, participants also learned about innovations in plant protection using beneficial insects in greenhouses and alternative organic greenhouse fertilization strategies, such as liquid digestate. All presentations were simultaneously translated in both French and German.

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