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Welcome to the CliFVac project:

Towards Climate Friendly Vacation Practices

CliFVac is a Green Transition research project, funded in full by the Independent Research Fund, Denmark. The purpose is to investigate and support socio-cultural transition towards climate friendly vacation practices. The project integrates the academic fields of environmental sociology, communication and learning, utilizing practice theory and actor-network theory as theoretical entry points. It contributes to research by exploring how media and informal learning feed into and shape pro-environmental transition processes. Empirically, the project focuses on two groups of vacationers: young adults and the 50+ segment. Through a mixed method approach, it investigates the imaginaries, desires, competences and material conditions that influence vacation practices. These insights will illuminate ties between media content, informal learning and people’s lifeworld, expanding our understanding of how imaginaries, sentiments and competences are formed and maintained, thereby providing valuable lessons regarding the socio-cultural dimension of green transition in general.

Duration: January 2022 – July 2025

Main project partners

International partners

  • Ana Horta, Instituto de Ciéncias Sociais, University of Lisbon
  • Stefan Bengtsson, Department of Education, Uppsala University

Project Model