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BERTHA - Big Data Centre for Environment and Health


2019.09.01 | News type

New research centre focus on Big Data and Health (in Danish)

What is the impact of different environmental influences over a lifetime? Are diseases the result of an isolated high-risk exposure, or is it a result of slow accumulation of exposures in combination with risk factors over a lifetime? Which environmental conditions in our environment are causing disease and how is the relationship with life…

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2019.02.26 | News type

Green space during childhood beneficial for mental health (in Danish)

In a park in Copenhagen children are playing. They are clearly fond of the green surroundings. What they do not know is that it may also benefit them later in life. Scientists have now demonstrated a link between the green environment and our psychological health.

2019.01.24 | News type

Researchers collect data overall from SoMe to blood samples: The data integration is a huge challenge (in Danish)

By linking Danish register data together with data from social media, sensor data and running apps, Danish researchers will map how our health is affected by the environment. Last month, Aarhus University opened the research center BERTHA – Big Data Centre for Environment and Health – and in front of it, the research team now has a data challenge…

2019.01.11 | Research news

Danish research project measures the effect of air pollution on human health (in Danish)

The BERTHA research centre at Aarhus University will work for a better understanding of the effects of pollution on the body and on the mechanisms that lead to illness.

2019.01.09 | Research news

Danish blood samples are to reveal the consequences of air pollution (in Danish)

Wood burning stoves, candles and heavy traffic. Particle pollution flies about the ears of us in the big cities, and it is well known that it challenges good health. But why exactly? What is happening in the body? This will be examined thoroughly by researchers in the brand new BERTHA - Big Data Centre for Environment and Health at Aarhus…

2018.12.14 | News type

The cork pops for BERTHA

Spirits were high, despite the serious background, as visitors from Denmark and abroad gathered in Roskilde for the official opening of the Big Data Centre for Environment and Health, BERTHA, which, over the next five years, will to attempt to identify how modern lifestyle affects our lives and health.

2018.12.11 | News type

Researchers seek answers about air pollution among thousands of blood donors (in Danish)

Details on 110,000 blood donors will be linked to detailed knowledge of the air pollution each of the donors have been exposed to. This is the ambition of researchers behind a new research centre that will open its doors on Monday afternoon.

2018.12.10 | Research news

Blood donors shed light on the dark (in German)

Air pollution is bad for your health, but how exactly does it make you ill? Scientists in Denmark now want to clarify that with the help of blood donors.

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2018.12.07 | Research news

New centre focusing on life impacts

There is not much knowledge about the effects of environmental and social impacts on health, quality of life and causes of death. A newly established research centre is now working to find out, by applying big data and an interdisciplinary approach to the area.


2018.12.06 | Research news

The ties of blood

The adverse health effects from air pollution, for example, are quite well known. But we do not know how exposure may develop into diseases over the course of a whole life. A new research centre at Aarhus University will attempt to link a unique database with state-of-the art approaches in order to uncover the connection between blood and the…

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