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Exploring the value creation in the project Aarhus 2017

Project Description

Aarhus 2017 has been promoted as a project and we might even label it a megaproject. To shed light on the impacts created by this yearlong endeavour, this project will study the creation of value at multiple levels, both overall project and specific sub-projects that are co-funded by Aarhus 2017. In exploring value creation we focus on the research question: How is value conceptualized and how is value creation enacted in Aarhus 2017 and specific sub-projects?

Besides the programme organization responsible for Aarhus 2017 overall, the two specific project under study are Rethink Urban Habitats taking place at the Natural History Museum Aarhus and Rethink Læring that is closely connected to the project Campus Bindslevs Plads in Silkeborg.

The study is an exploration of value creation in a public setting, as the project management field largely has been focusing on financial value, and we expected important lesson to be learned from studying projects that focus on non-financial value. For this purpose, the research methods in the project follow an engaged approach e.g. a workshop on project value creation for practitioners and scholars.

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Project Partners

  • Per Svejvig, department of Business Administration, Aarhus University, PhD - Associate Professor