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Filling public awareness gaps identified in main stage project

Within the CWPharma mainstage project, it was shown that awareness on APIs in the environment and the proper disposal of unused APIs is unevenly distributed between the different Baltic Sea countries. In some countries (DE, SE, FI) occurrence and effects of APIs are already discussed in mass-media (e.g., press, television, print), communicated via governmental information campaigns and first steps to implement tertiary treatment stages at WWTPs are being conducted. In contrast, available information on APIs in the water cycle in countries such as the Baltic States and Poland are currently underrepresented. This fact poses a serious obstacle in reducing the overall API load into the BS as, for example, Poland is a major contributor and public awareness it a key element for the acceptance of any kind of reduction measures (e.g. correct disposal of unused API, cost coverage of advanced treatment stages on WWTPs). Supported by KWB, LIAE will produce one easy communicable video on APIs in the environment and correct disposal of unused pharmaceutical based on public available material and experiences from other countries (e.g. https://arzneimittelentsorgung.de). In order to address a broad audience in the relevant countries, the video will be adapted and translated into 4 national languages with the help of the according project partners: PL (IOS), EE (EVEL) and LV/LT (LIAE). The produced videos will be spread via social media and press releases along with information on CWPharma project outcomes to relevant actors such as local wastewater/water utilities, NGOs, massmedia, pharmaceutical and medical sector.

See video on CWPharma 2 awareness rising (in Latvian)