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Detailed planning of API removal implementation stage at WWTP Hillerød

CWP2 will use the developed guideline from the CWPharma project to support the planning process for a full-scale API removal stage at WWTP Hillerød (DK). API removal is planned to be operational in 2024 as than a large hospital for the metropolitan area of Copenhagen will be built in Hillerød. HFORS has received performance demands by the environmental authorities and, thus, agreed to tackle the additional hospital API emissions.

HFORS will implement and conduct the recommended short-term piloting phase (ozonation and treatment with granulated activated carbon) to determine the required design parameters for ozonation as well as post-treatment for the API removal stage at WWTP Hillerød. Evaluation will be based on relevant water quality parameters such as APIs and transformation products analysed by AU as well as results of the bioassays recommended by CWPharma’s guideline. The results will be directly fed into the planning process of the full-scale treatment stage and the project will deliver various design parameters required by the utility (e.g. ozone dosage, ozone production capacity, oxygen demand, size of reaction tanks, design of post-treatment and cost of operation). To further promote the use of bioassay for the evaluation on advanced treatment stage, the tests recommended by CWPharma will be applied for other full-scale API removal stages outside of the consortium. KWB will contact potential WWTP operators and organize the sampling campaign, whereas analysis for ecotoxicity and transformation products will be done accordingly.

Currently HFORS has undergone extensive testing of ozonation and GAC filtration. Due to the Danish regulations, the measurement program was expanded from 35 to 55 pharmaceuticals and 20 metabolites. HFORS is using the data to design the full-scale plant.