WP7: Short and long-term strategy on sustainable and resilient agriculture

Through the involvement of the FACCE – JPI Secretariat, this work package will integrate the work of this ERA-NET into the larger scope of FACCE – JPI and elaborate the short and long term strategy to ensure that this ERA-NET advances the FACCE – JPI Strategic Research Agenda and FACCE – JPI objectives, notably those concerning the bioeconomy in the present and in the future.

This work package will take into account the whole FACCE – JPI context as well as existing European and international initiatives and actions so as to make the necessary links and avoid duplication of work.

This WP will also be responsible for activities within FACCE SURPLUS, which will be decided by the Steering Committee, other than the co-funded call and further calls without EU funding (WP6).

Finally, this WP will propose follow-up actions by FACCE beyond the ERA-NET to fulfil the strategic research needs on the bioeconomy. These will feed into future FACCE – JPI Implementation Plans and potentially into work programmes in H2020.