A list of presentations held by members of Circul-a-bility promoting or introducing the activities and benefits of this cost action.

  • Presentation conference: Corredig, M., Colelli, G., Chrysochou, P., Dorney, K.R. Increasing impact for sustainable food packaging research: a call for participation in the circul-a-bility network. February 2022, 16th international European forum on systems dynamics and innovation in Food networks. At: Garmisch-P, Germany
  • Presentation conference: Krisztina Dornyei: Increasing Impact for Sustainable Food Packaging Research: A Call for Participation in the Circul-a-bility Network; February 2022; Conference: 16th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks; At: Garmisch-P, Germany

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Presentations from our first General Assembly Meeting 2021

Summary slide of the Cost Action 2021.

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