2022 Publications

  • Mulla, M.Z.; Rahman, M.R.T.; Marcos, B.; Tiwari, B.; Pathania, S. Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) Nanocomposites: Effect of Inorganic Nanoparticles Reinforcement on Its Performance and Food Packaging Applications. Molecules 2021, 26, 1967. LINK

  • Anna Trubetskaya, Philip Benjamin Vincent Scholten, Milena Corredig, “Changes towards more sustainable food packaging legislation and practices. A survey of policy makers and stakeholders in Europe”, Food Packaging and Shelf Life, Volume 32, 2022, 100856. LINK

  • Krauter, V.; Bauer, A.-S.; Milousi, M.; Dörnyei, K.R.; Ganczewski, G.;
    Leppik, K.; Krepil, J.; Varzakas, T. “Cereal and Confectionary Packaging: Assessment of Sustainability and Environmental Impact with a Special Focus on Greenhouse Gas Emissions”. Foods 2022, 11, 1347. LINK

  • Dörnyei, K.R.; Bauer, A.-S.; Krauter, V.; Herbes, C. (Not) Communicating the Environmental Friendliness of Food Packaging to Consumers—An Attribute - and Cue-Based Concept and Its Application. Foods 2022, 11, 1371. LINK

  • Sogut, E. and Seydim, A.C. (2022), Utilization of chestnut shell lignin in alginate films. J Sci Food Agric.

2021 Publications

  • V. Heinrich, Pack & Log, Circul-a-bility – Nachhaltigkeit von Lebensmittelverpackungen neu gedacht, May 2021 - Downloadable PDF

  • Guest article (in German): “Lebensmittelverpackung: Ein Fall für die Wissenschaft”, Dr Victoria Krauter, 25th May 2021 - Link

  • Article on First Circulability Conference (in Portuguese): “1.ª Conferência Circul-A-Bility”, Tecnoalimentar, June 2021 - Link

  • Press Release on Alpha Galileo: “European scientists unite to shape the future of food packaging”, European Cost Action 7th June 2021 - Link

  • AzoCleanTech, 8th June 2021: European Scientists Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Food Packaging for the Future" - Link

  • Article in Der Standard (in German): “Andere Länder, anders verpackte Waffeln” ; Alois Pumhösel, 18. June 2021 - Link

  • Article in Blab Magazine: ““Alimentare - arriva la rivoluzione de Circul-a-bility”; Giancarlo Colelli, 22th June 2021 - Downloadable PDF 

  • Paper: Tsochatzis, E., Lopez, J.L., Corredig, M. 2022 "Chemical testing of mechanically recycled polyethylene terephthalate for food packaging in the European Union".  Resources, conservation & recycling. 179, 106096 - Link 

  • Paper: Anna Trubetskaya, Philip Benjamin Vincent Scholten, Milena Corredig: "Changes towards more sustainable food packaging legislation and practices.
    A survey of policy makers and stakeholders in Europe".
    Elsevier, Food Packaging and Shelf Life 32 (2022) 100856 - Link

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