Re-thinking Packaging for Circular & Sustainable
Food Supply Chains of the Future
11.-13. September 2023, Madrid

Packaging protects the food throughout its life cycle, interacts with the consumer, and in addition to make our life more convenient, keeps the food safe, ensuring its quality, and optimal shelf life. Progress is urgently needed to improve food packaging sustainability and secure its circularity, while minimizing food waste.

The conference will include research focused on sustainable food packaging solutions, under the CIRCUL-A-BILITY COST Action community (CA191249). As whole systems approach is needed, this conference will bring together scientists with different backgrounds to share research results, debate ideas and solutions and collaborate for a swift green transition to more sustainable packaging.

The Conference will serve as a meeting place for researchers, industry, associations, and policy makers facilitating the application of results throughout the value chain while enhancing knowledge transfer within different application areas. 

  • The conference is  organized as part of the CIRCUL-A-BILITY research network,  an open global network of more than 200 research scientists from over 40 Countries
  • The Conference is targeted equally to scientists, students, and professionals from academia and industry that are interested to all topics related to sustainability of food packaging
  • The event will be carried out in Madrid (- online participation is also possible)

Conference topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Food safety (FCM)
  • Active and Smart Packaging
  • Innovative Materials for Food Packaging
  • Food Waste reduction and valorization in packaging
  • Sustainability and circularity measurement
  • Recycling and end of life solutions
  • Consumer behavior and circular consumption models
  • Food packaging traceability and supply chain management

Program at a glance

  • Abstract deadline:
    June 30th, 2023

  • Find the abstract template here 

Submit your abstract at circulability@ucm.es

Contact us at circulability@ucm.es

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