Risk hours - dynamic time

How to use: Risk of oospores between years: select start date as 15 May and end date (Slut) to June 5. Then change Max HSpo sum to 200. Click Show (Vis) and select different years back in time e.g. 2019 was a blight year, 2018 was not. Now change Max HSpo sum to 900 and select Start date to 1 August and end date to 30 September. This will indicate the blight favourable weather conditions as a sum across the two months when lesions can form oospores mainly in starch potatoes (that has a long growing period). One hypothesis could be that the higher risk during those two months the higher risk of formation of oospores (spray intensity not taken into account). The hot spot areas can then be analysed for situation a, 10 May to 4 June on the year when potatoes are grown again and especially where the two hotspots overlay (include the similar map for Rain), this should be carefully scouted for oospore driven infections.