Infection pressure - regional

The map is based on hourly weather data from appr. 650 GRID interpolated data points. appr. 200 stations for Precipitation and 85 stations measuring Rh and temperature. The infection pressure is calculated for each GRID and the model output is stored in a Database with daily data. The Gridded values are then interpolated between squared cells and the map is generated on the fly according to settings (day selected).

How to use in practice? The map indicate the regional risk and a) there might be an influx of inoculum generated in one region (with several days of high risk of sporulation) to another region where the similar risk was low. b) This might also explain why farmers in one region started to spray preventively, but this is not true in another region e.g. the risk in 2020 has been relatively lower in North of Jutland compared to the very south of Jutland.