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Abstract - Measuring Impact across Social Media

This project contributes to the knowledge exchange between Aarhus University and the city, Aarhus, by further developing a software to analyze the digital social layer of a certain event (in connection with Aarhus 2017) and how users express their identity through participation in connection with the event across social media. We collaborate with NorthSide Festival, as one of the major existing cultural events in Aarhus, but the method developed and the evaluation given we assume can be transferred to tracking and measuring of impact on other similar events in connection with Aarhus 2017.

This report contains information about the project as such, including an introduction to NorthSide Festival as a cultural event and Digital Footprints as the software used for collecting data. Furthermore, the report passes on central findings from the project and information on how we got to these findings, including an examination of the methodological pillars that the project is built upon.