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Curating and Archiving Cultural Big Data

Project Description

Framed within the European Capital of Culture 2017 in Aarhus (DK), this project investigates new methods for working with the analysis and archiving of cultural big data.

The overall aim of the project is to investigate the following:

  • How can we develop new methods and tools for collecting, curating, and archiving large data sets derived from cultural events?
  • How do we define and qualify data as ‘cultural’ - what are the challenges?
  • What is the value of cultural data in terms of evaluation processes and for further use in cultural institutions? 
  • The potentials of involving artistic participatory strategies for optimized user interaction and data collection

Within the scope of the above the project intends to:

  • Develop new interfaces and platforms for collecting user-generated data related to cultural events
  • Develop a scalable model for tracking and analyzing real time data from different types of context aware user data
  • Focus on emotional and affective data features from user and audience responses
  • Include artists, students, and researchers in the process of testing and prototyping

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