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Creativity and Innovation. An interdisciplinary pilot project

Project Description

As a part of the ambition to stimulate interdisciplinary research including academics from different faculties, a development project was initiated focusing on creative and innovative processes.

The intention was to bring together researchers from different faculties studying creative and innovative processes and based on a case study test whether they could develop a joint research approach. In May 2016 Urban Goods facilitated a workshop focusing on Design to improve life in which the participants formulated research interest, methodic approach etc.

As a way of establishing an interdisciplinary dialogue about a common research interest, the process functioned well and several of the participants continued collaborating on publications after the pilot project. 


  • Poul Henning Kirkegaard, Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab
  • Stina Holm Jensen, Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab
  • Steffen Korsgaard, Institut for Virksomhedsledelse
  • Ida Krøgholt, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation
  • Michael Mose Biskjær, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation