The SmartSOIL project was well represented at the Global Soil Week in Berlin (27-31 Oct. 2013)

The successful dialogue session 1.2 entitled ‘Soil Carbon management for sustaining agricultural productivity’ was co-hosted by two SmartSOIL partners (Ecologic and Univ. Gloucestershire). Following seven short initial presentations, the session participants engaged in a World Café where they discussed issues around best management practices for soil carbon management. In four café table rounds they discussed practical implementation measures, awareness rising and knowledge exchange, and policy frameworks in the EU and globally.

2013.11.01 | Jens Grønbech Hansen

The short introductory presentations made by SmartSOIL scientists at the session can be found here:

  1. Best practices for soil carbon management, land productivity and crop yield
  2. Socio-economic and behavioral barriers to soil carbon management
  3. How to pay for soil C: financial incentives and innovations
  4. European policies towards effective soil carbon management