The report of the Global Soil Weeks’ Rapporteurs is out now!

It contains the summaries of the Dialogue Sessions and Plenary Sessions including the Session title: 1.2 Soil carbon management for sustaining agricultural productivity, organised by SmartSOIL.

2013.12.20 | Jens Grønbech Hansen

The second Global Soil Week (GSW 2013) convened in Berlin, Germany, from Sunday, 27 Octo-

ber, to Thursday, 31 October 2013, on the theme "Losing Ground?" The discussions were orga-

nized around four thematic threads corresponding to key areas of response to global soil loss:

transforming global material and nutrient cycles; upscaling sustainable land management (SLM)

and soil engineering at the landscape level; integrating land and soils in the sustainable devel-

opment goals (SDGs) debate; and responsible land governance.