WP4: Decision support for crop residue management based on biogeochemical models


This WP aims at improving two well-established biogeochemical models, LandscapeDNDC (KIT) and CERES-EGC (INRA) to enable evaluating residue management effects on the GHG balance of agricultural systems and to quantify model uncertainties. The work will result in a Decision Support Tool (DST) serving as an innovative and cost effective tool to support end-users to obtain simple approximate estimates of soil N2O emissions and SOC changes as affected by residue management.

Specific objectives are:

• to assess and improve the capability of LandscapeDNDC and CERES-EGC for simulating residue quality and management effects on net GHG emissions using WP2+3 data

• to simulate effects of different residues management strategies under typical North European cropping systems, soil types and climatic conditions

• to use simulation data for developing a fully functional and user-accepted version of a DST on Residue Management and GHG balance

For more information, contact WP leader Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, KIT