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Quantum physics

DNRF Center of Excellence Complex Quantum Systems (CCQ)

Complex Quantum Systems (au.dk)

Lars Bojer Madsen

Research on nonperturbative time-dependent driving of quantum systems and generation of light, including nonclassical light. Attoscience Group Link.

Georg M. Bruun

Theoretical many-body physics and quantum optics. Quantum simulation with cold atoms, van der Waals materials, and quantum sensing. Georg M. Bruun.

Jan Joachim Arlt

Experimental research with ultracold atoms on quantum simulation of complex systems, and the limits of quantum sensing with atomic systems. Ultracold Quantum Gases Group Link.

Michael Drewsen

Experimental research oriented towards quantum computing/simulation with strings of trapped ions, as well as quantum sensing and metrology with single ions. Ion Trap Group Link.

Marcel Mudrich

Ultrafast dynamics of quantum-correlated electrons and quantum fluid clusters. Cluster Dynamics Group Link.

Nikolaj Zinner

Quantum dynamics and quantum technology, including quantum algorithm development, quantum software, and use case applications in fields such as quantum chemistry and the life sciences. Web link

Anne E. B. Nielsen

Theoretical quantum many-body physics. Topology, strongly-correlated systems, quantum many-body scars, and non-periodic systems. Quantum many-body systems group link. Web link