In Uganda ProGrOv was implemented under the leadership of Makerere University and in collaboration with the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU). The studies were focused on pineapple chains for the export as well as the domestic market and investigated productivity aspects at farm level as well as markets and chain development. 

A summary of findings and recommendations can be found in the paper Opportunities and challenges for Reinforcing Organic Agriculture Research Capacity in East African Universities: Experience of Makerere University published in the proceedings from the plenary of the 3rd African Organic conference (pp 54-62) as well as in mass-media publication ‘ProGrOV Project: Spearheading Cutting-edge Research & Innovations in Organic Value Chains’ and ‘Awakening the sleeping giants through organic agriculture’ prepared by the Tanzania team. 

The team also produced a silage manual on the practical application of the results of two of the studies ‘Guide for making silage from pineapple by-products’.

The impact organic agricultural research has had on Makerere University

Need for more research in organic agricultural production