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PEPP (Port Efficiency and Public Private Capacity in Ghana)

The maritime sector is a driver of industrialization globally. However, the relationship between maritime development and industrialization remains endogenous and deserves further consideration. Tema Port in Ghana is a unique site for investigating the challenges and opportunities for national, international, and multinational public-private cooperation on building capacity for implementing and enforcing international maritime regulations that contribute to drive economic development in Ghana. PEPP focuses on implicit and explicit alliances between public and private entities in shaping capacity development (CD) programs as a result of a constantly changing port service economy. PEPP will critically investigate the aims, effects, and politics of CD with specific focus on continuities and ruptures in conditions for CD when moving from aid-to-trade, specifically seeking to answer: how capacity development in and around Tema Port can contribute to sustainable industrialization in Ghana, when Denmark supports Ghana beyond aid by prioritizing trade relations while phasing out official development assistance?


2019.10.31 | Research news

PEPP visit to Zim Navigation Services, Haifa, Israel for research on Black Star Shipping Line

October 2019: Annette Skovsted Hansen visits the Zim Navigation Services archive in Haifa, Israel, and interviews the archivist Avner Shats and two former Black Star Shipping Line master mariners Captain Ariel and Captain Wilhelm.

2019.10.31 | Research news

Annette Skovsted Hansen becomes ressource person for Danish Zentropa and TV3 Ghana

This week Annette Skovsted Hansen has become ressource person for Zentropa in Denmark and TV3 Ghana. Link to Zentropa. (In Danish) Link to Ghana TV3.

2019.10.11 | Research news

PEPP observes tug boat master training at Force Technology, including training in ASD tug boat simulator.

Report from: 01/10/2019 PEPP observes tug boat master training at Force Technology, including training in ASD tug boat simulator. Link.


Mon 02 Dec
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus, Denmark
International advisory board meeting in Aarhus


Annette Skovsted Hansen

Associate professor School of Culture and Society - Japan Studies, subject


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/Udenrigsministeriet