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The Completion of PEPP I – The Beginning of PEPP II

The Next Chapter of the PEPP Project

After three years of academic work and partnerships under the aegis of the PEPP banner, the PEPP research team finalized the first part of their investigation into the maritime sector in Ghana in and around the Port of Tema. This work culminated in two completion events held in the winter of 2021/2022 in Denmark and Ghana. Here PEPP members shared key research findings and engaged in relevant discussions with the invited stakeholders. From the PEPP team, we would like to thank all who participated in the closing events as well as those stakeholders who, throughout the project, have provided instrumental knowledge and counsel, thereby ensuring the successful realization of the PEPP project research goals. We hope that you will follow us, as we depart on the next stage of the PEPP project.

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Completion Event in Denmark

On Friday November 19, 2021, the PEPP team gathered stakeholders in Denmark for a completion event at Aarhus Port. After a lunch in the port cafeteria, PEPP research members presented key findings and engaged in relevant discussions with the invited stakeholders at the atrium of the Aarhus Port main building. The event closed with a buffet reception at the Port and later dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Completion Event in Ghana

On Thursday January 13, 2022, the second completion event was held in Ghana at the Royal Nick Hotel in Tema. Being close to Tema Port, the well-attended event provided ample opportunity for key stakeholders working at the Port to come together and listen to and discuss the findings from the PEPP I project. With the PEPP team gathered in Ghana for the completion event there was also opportunities for conducting field work and other relevant research activities. This included preparing a radio spot about working and labour conditions at Tema Port for Simli Radio, located in Dallung, Northern Ghana, and giving a presentation about phd and grant application procedures for students and staff at the Regional Maritime University. After the event, the PEPP I team met with the new team members of PEPP II and discussed the next steps.

Onwards to PEPP II

The PEPP team is happy to announce that it will be continuing its work in and around Tema Port. The next chapter of the project, PEPP II, aims to enhance the competitiveness of Tema Port, Ghana, by providing new knowledge about how port clusters, gender imbalances, communication, and sustainability intertwine. The team wants to create the potential for a more diverse and effective Port of Tema as it competes with other West African Ports. Our PEPP I findings on major challenges to and opportunities for the Port of Tema has led us to bring in additional Ghanaian researchers for our team. Concretely, our multidisciplinary and – national team of researchers work to foster a strong transdisciplinary research experience for all team members. In this way, we will engage in innovative international scholarship presented through conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and future externally funded research project

Completion Event, Denmark

Completion Event, Ghana