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Annette Skovsted Hansen, History and Global Studies, Aarhus University

Associate Professor of Japanese and Global history at Aarhus University, Denmark. Previously, United Nations International Staff and, currently, spokesperson for the Association of Development Researchers in Denmark. Research interests: history of global networks, human resource development, and Japan in Africa.

George Acheampong, Legon, Business School University of Ghana


Enterprise lecturer and researcher with extensive knowledge of local economy issues in many parts of Ghana. I currently teach entrepreneurship at The University of Ghana Business School fulltime. I am currently the track chair of the Africa’s Competitiveness in Global Markets for the African Academy of International Business. My research interests are in how entrepreneurship (market-based approaches) can help aid the development of Africa. In the past, I have worked as a PhD intern with the United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) in Helsinki, Finland developing a working paper on the benefits of social capital to SMEs in rural Ghana. I have held visiting PhD fellowships with the Development Economics Research Group at the University of Copenhagen and the Center of Entrepreneurship of the Muma Business College of the University of South Florida, Tampa. I have been working to bring social and economic change to communities through market-based approaches funded by development partners such as DANIDA, DFID and USAID serving as both monitor and business service provider.

Casper Andersen, History of Ideas, Aarhus University

Casper Andersen is associate professor in history of ideas at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. His field of research is the history of science and technology in global contexts with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He has published extensively on political, technological and scientific infrastructures In Africa including the monograph British Engineers and Africa 1875-1914 and articles in ISIS, Canadian Journal of African StudiesTechnology and Culture among others. Casper Andersen is member of The Young Academy under the Royal Danish Academy for Sciences and Letters. 

Torben Andersen, Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University

Torben Andersen is associate professor, Ph.D. (CBS and University of Warwick) and works at Department of Business Development and Technology (Herning), Aarhus University, Denmark. Torben Andersen’s research has been concentrating on structural, strategic and change aspects of HRM and International HRM. He has three periods as a visiting professor - at San Francisco State University (2000), University of Auckland, New Zealand (2005) and Bamberg University (2016). He has been teaching in a variety of countries from Iceland, Germany, UK, China, New Zealand to US.

Jonas Aryee, Regional Maritime University, Ghana

Early career academic in Maritime Studies at the Regional Maritime University in Ghana. Currently, a member of the Eastern Corridor (Volta Lake) Project Team of the Ministry of Transport, Ghana. Research Interests: Maritime Policy, Maritime Labour, and Maritime Education and Training

Martin Arvad Nicolaisen, Anthropology, Copenhagen University

Anthropologist with a PhD from Copenhagen University. My current research interests include humanities-based approaches to value creation and the dynamics between formalized organizational structures and interpersonal agency. In my recently completed PhD dissertation I have studied the commodity-chain of cocoa in Ghana with particular focus on value generating activities among actors operating on the fringes of the formally established cocoa business entities. I have previously since the early 2000s worked with social development issues in Ghana, first in the context of NGO projects in Northern Region, and later on as a student intern with the Danida business sector support programme at the Danish Embassy in Accra from 2008-09.

Student Assistants

Karen Degn

Student assistant with major in History and minor in Business Economics at Aarhus University, Denmark. Tasks include scheduling, managing bibliography and ad-hoc jobs. Research interests: Global trade patterns, maritime business economics, and microeconomics.

Phillip Stenmann Baun

Student assistant majoring in History with a minor in Political Science at Aarhus University, Denmark. Also a student teacher in Danish and World History. Project tasks include website management, data coding and visualization. Current research interests include digital history and transnational history.