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2021.04.29 | MiCO Platform

Novo Nordisk - industry partner in ODIN

Jonathan Niclis from Novo Nordisk is an industry partner MiCO Platform project. He here explains, why the open approach to innovation and collaboration is important.

2021.03.18 | BIOMETSCO

NanoString Technologies - industry partner in ODIN

NanoString Technologies is an active industry partner on the ODIN project BIOMETSCO. Below, Rudy Van Eijsden explains why they have chosen to participate in the BIOMETSCO project:

2021.03.18 | THOR

Novo Nordisk - industry partner in ODIN

Michael Nyberg and his team from Novo Nordisk are industry partners on the THOR project funded by ODIN. Here, he explains how the collaboration on atherosclerosis with the academic PIs Jacob Fog Bentzon and Mette Nyegaard is well-suited for ODIN’s open innovation platform.

2021.03.18 | MiCO Platform, BIOMETSCO

omiics - industry partner in ODIN

CEO in omiics, Morten Venø, here explains why it is important for a SMV like omiics to participate in ODIN's open innovation platform.

2021.03.18 | oLIVER

Open Collaborations in the oLIVER project

Jørgen Kjems, head of the oLIVEr project, highlight the importance of the open collaborations in ODIN projects.

2021.03.18 | THOR

Open Collaborations in the THOR project

The THOR project is headed by Jacob Fog Bentzon in collaboration with Mette Nyegaard. Michael Nyberg and his team from Novo Nordisk are industry partners.

2021.03.18 | KidDO

Open collaborations in the KidDO project

Head of the KidDO project, Robert Fenton, will elaborate on the advantages of open collaborations in his ODIN project.

2021.03.18 | MiCO Platform

Open Collaborations in the MiCO Platform project

Collaboration with industry are key in all ODIN projects. In this video, Mark Denham, lead on the MiCO Platform project, highlights the importance of developing the project proposal together.

2021.03.16 | BIOMETSCO

Open Collaborations in the BIOMETSCO project

In this video, head of the BIOMETSCO project, Lasse Sommer Kristensen, explains the advantages of the open collaborations his project.

2021.03.16 | BIOMETSCO

BioXpedia - industry partner in ODIN

Several pharma and biotech companies are part of the ODIN network. Here CEO Mogens Kruhøffer explains why BioXpedia is active in ODIN

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