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Current status of the BALDER project - with link to software

If you’re in to Type 2 Diabetes and bioinformatics, you can now find freely available software from the BALDER project. Here, Peter Sørensen provides a short status update on the BALDER project so far.

A disease is never just associated with one single gene. For instance, Type 2 Diabetes is genetically correlated with a range of other characteristics and diseases.

That’s basic knowledge for Peter Sørensen and the BALDER team, who are developing statistical software based on this knowledge:

"We are developing statistical models that borrow information across correlated characteristics. Our aim is to make better use of the existing genomic data.” says Peter and further explains: “We think this new software can help identify drug targets such as genes, regulatory elements and biological pathways. An updated version of the software is already available online."

You can find the software here:  https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.09.03.506466v1

You are very welcome to contact the BALDER team, if you have any questions regarding the project or its software.