Objectives of the Herbicide Resistance subgroup:

  • Risk management strategies for ALS inhibitors, the most important group of herbicides in all participating countries

  • Monitoring for resistance to important groups of herbicides (ALS, ACCase, glyphosate)

  • Identifying high risk and low risk combinations of herbicides and weed species

  • Common "mode of action" labeling of herbicides

  • Exchange of information on methodologies for resistance testing

  • Work sharing when testing seeds of biotypes suspected to be resistant or seeds collected as part of a monitoring programme. Linking up to other institutes such as the University of Hohenheim where putative resistant biotypes of Apera spica-venti in the coming two years can be tested for free.

  • Participating in EWRS ring tests (e.g. the Papaver rhoeas ring test)

  • Initiate research on fitness of resistant biotypes (MSc or PhD projects)

  • Studying the influence of cropping practices on the risk of development of herbicide resistance (MSc or PhD projects)

Herbicide subgroup meeting 3rd March 2016