Coherence of Climate and aquatic policies .

Contact Wp leader Markku Ollikainen, HU.

The aims of the workpackage are  to:

  • examine the horizontal and vertical coherence between policies targeting agricultural climate emission to the atmosphere and nutrient loads to the aquatic systems,   
  • concentrate our analysis on the horizontal policy coherence,  examining how the key measures and policy instruments designed to promote reduction of climate emissions impact nutrient loads from agriculture.
  • In a similar vein,  to examine how the key measures and instruments in agricultural water policies impact climate targets, aiming at tracing out possible synergies and conflicts between key measures and policy instruments and outline the optimal joint policy design.  
  • Examine policy coherence from two angles: optimal policies (top down) and practical (bottom up) policy implementation. The former entails analytical theoretical work guided by economics and the latter by the theory of governance guided by political science. Case studies in Denmark and Finland illustrate, complement and provide further empirical insights to the analytical work.