Six projects selected for funding

Six new research projects have been selected for funding as part of the 3rd FACCE SURPLUS Call.


Photo: Stefan Junne

2020.02.10 | Events

Open Science Talk “Bio-values from bio-waste"

Increasing sustainability by waste reduction and material cycles are one of the big challenges we are facing today.

Photo: Marianne Claessens, scientific advisor at VLAIO.

2020.02.10 | Research news

Interview with Marianne Claessens, VLAIO

Marianne Claessens, scientific advisor at VLAIO, (Flander’s Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), is evaluating the participation of Flanders in the FACCE SURPLUS project.

Photo: Heather McKhann, coordinator of the FACCE JPI.

2020.02.10 | Research news

Interview with Heather McKhann, FACCE JPI Secretariat

Heather McKhann, coordinator of the FACCE JPI, is commenting on the FACCE Surplus project.


Mon 27 Apr
00:00-00:00 | Rome
Early Career Researcher Workshop: Envisioning the Future of European Animal Production
The European Research Area Network on Sustainable Animal Production (ERA-NET SusAn) was initiated 2016 under the current European research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. 38 partners from 23 European countries in ERA-NET SusAn endorsed scientific excellence and recommended an integrated, interdisciplinary, cross-cutting and multi-actor approach to research and knowledge exchange which reflects the complexity of the research requirements for sustainable European animal production. Based on the three pillars of sustainability - economy, environment and society – SusAn targets innovative research across all areas of the animal production system such as health and welfare, feeding and nutrition, reproduction, breeding and genetics, housing, nutrient management and economics.

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