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  • A. Lahdihi, E. Legendre, C. Scarpa, The Einstein-Hilbert functional and the Donaldson-Futaki invariant, arxiv:2310.11625.

  • F. Giusti, C. Spotti, A Kümmer construction for Chern-Ricci flat balanced metrics, arXiv:2309.12909. 

  • M. de Borbon, C. Spotti, Some models for bubbling of (log) Kähler-Einstein metrics  arXiv:2309.03705 (submitted).

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  • L. Sektnan, C. Tipler, Hermitian Yang-Mills connections on pullback bundles, arXiv:2006.06453 (submitted). 

Publications of group members during the project

  •  D. Angella, S. Calamai. F. Pediconi, C. Spotti,  A moment map for twisted-Hamiltonian vector fields on locally conformally Kähler manifolds, Pre-print: arXiv:2207.06863, to appear in Transf. Groups. 

  • M. Sektnan, C. Spotti, Extremal metrics on the total space of destabilizing test configurations, Pre-print arXiv:2110.07496, to appear on Matematische Annalen.

  • M. de Borbon, C. Spotti, Calabi-Yau metrics with conical singularities along hyperplane arrangements, Journal of Differential Geometry Vol. 123, Issue 2, (2023) , pgs 195-239.

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  • S. Tambasco,  On the continuity of Weil-Petersson volumes of the moduli space of weighted points on the projective line, Complex Manifolds, (2022).

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  • M.  de Borbon, C. Spotti, Local models for conical Kähler-Einstein metrics. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 147 (2019), no. 3, 1217–1230. 

Reports & Surveys

  • C. Spotti, Towards canonical locally conformally Kähler metrics, Oberwolfach report, Differentialgeometrie im Grossen 2023.

  • C. Spotti, On geometric properties of log Kähler-Einstein metrics, Oberwolfach report, Differentialgeometrie im Grossen 2019.

In preparation

  • A. Lahdili, C. Spotti, On Generalized Calabi's Anstatz
  • T. Baier, G. Grancia, C. Spotti, R. Sena-Dias, Contractibility of the space of integrable complex structures on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 5 and 4.

PhD thesis

Related Undergraduate Projects

- Joshua Linke (Master project on Hyperkähler manifolds, 2022)

- Lukas Lunge (Bachelor project on Ricci flow, 2020)