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Conferences organised

Aarhus Complex Geometry Workshop 2024

June 24-27, co-organizer S. Sun (Berkeley), Y. Odaka (Kyoto).

Kähler and non-Kähler Geometry: New Developments and Interactions 21-23 June 2022

International workshop at AIAS (Aarhus University), organizers Z. Dyrefelt (AU), A. Otiman (AU), C. Spotti (AU). Event web-page: https://aias.au.dk/events/international-workshop-kaehler-and-non-kaehler-geometry

Aarhus Complex Geometry Workshop 2020

International conference organized by Y. Odaka (Kyoto University, Japan). C. Spotti (AU) and S. Sun (University of California, Berkeley, USA). Cancelled due to Covid. Rescheduled in Summer 2024.