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Advanced courses

Applied Berkovich Spaces

Aarhus University PhD Course. Lecturer Yanbo Fang

Introduction to non-Archimedan Berkovich spaces and discussion of applications to Complex Geometry (K-stability, SYZ Conjecture).

Every Thursday 10:00-12:00

Mini-course "Geometric aspects of non-collapsed Kähler-Einstein metrics", by C. Spotti, ICMAT, Madrid (Spain), 19-23 June 2023

Mini-course during the Workshop "Gauge theory, canonical metrics and geometric structures". Abstract: Canonical Kähler metrics, such as Kähler-Einstein metrics, are very important objects for the study of complex manifolds. In this minicourse, we will discuss geometric properties of such metrics on mildly singular varieties (technically, on klt pairs), focusing on topics such as the analysis of their behavior during singularity formations (e.g., tangent cones, asymptotics and bubblings) and their relevance in the study of moduli compactifications (e.g., of Fano varieties).

Mini-course "Towards canonical non-Kähler metrics", C. Spotti, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 23-25 May 2023

Informal 4h course, given during C. Spotti visit to S. Sun at UCB in late May '23.

Mini-course "Perturbation problems for extremal Kähler metrics" , by Lars Sektnan at Yau Mathematical Sciences Center at Tsinghua (China), Fall 2021.

Via Zoom. Here link to the notes: https://sites.google.com/cirget.ca/lars-sektnan/teaching?authuser=0;

PhD Course "Canonical metrics and stability on holomorphic vector bundles", by Lars Sektnan, Aarhus University. 2020-21.

Link to the notes: https://sites.google.com/cirget.ca/lars-sektnan/teaching?authuser=0

PhD course "Minimal Model Program and Kähler-Ricci flow", by C. Spotti, Aarhus University, 2019.