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CleanCloud is structured over three scientific clusters (CL):

CL1: Aerosol and cloud processes

CL2: Convective systems and extreme weather

CL3: Regional to global post-fossil projections

Scientific clusters and Work Packages in CleanCloud.

WP1: Cluster 1-Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics: Design, monitoring, and synthesis.

Leads: Athanasios Nenes (FORTH), Mira Pöhlker (TROPOS)

WP2: Cluster 1- CleanCloud coordinated field studies.

Leads: Kostas Eleftheriadis (NCSR-D), Henrik Skov (AU)

WP3: Cluster 1-Long Term and Large-Scale data collection and analysis.

Leads: Patric Seifert (TROPOS)

WP4: Cluster 1-Case studies and modelling.

Leads: Anna Possner (GUF), Daniel Partridge (UNIEXE)

WP5: Cluster 1-Laboratory and in-situ characterization of CCN and INP.

Leads: Merete Bilde (AU), Spyros Pandis (FORTH)

WP6: Cluster 2-Convective systems and extreme events - Design, monitoring, and synthesis.

Leads: Johannes Quaas (ULEI), Phillip Stier (UOXF) 

WP7: Cluster 2-Preparation of models and observational simulators.

Leads: Annica Ekman (SU)

WP8: Cluster 2-Observational constraints and sensitivity to aerosol concentrations.

Leads: Otto Hasekamp (SRON)

WP9: Cluster 2-Climate implications of convective systems in the post-fossil era.

Leads: Ulrike Lohmann (ETHZ)

WP10: Cluster 3-Seasonal to decadal projections: Design, monitoring, and synthesis.

Leads: Corinna Hoose (KIT), Nicolas Bellouin (IPSL)

WP11: Cluster 3-Towards post-fossil regime models.

Leads: Bjørn Samset (CICERO)

WP12: Cluster 3-Seasonal-to-decadal analyses of post-fossil regime.

Leads: Tomi Raatkainen (FMI)

WP13: Cluster 3-Climate implications of the global post-fossil regime.

Leads: Laura Wilcox (UREAD) 

WP14: Data tools and Community Engagement.

Leads: Andreas Massling (AU), Otto Hasekamp (SRON)

WP15: Synergy, synthesis and CleanCloud Legacy.

Leads: Stefano Desecari (CNR), Ulrike Lohmann (ETHZ)

WP16: Outreach and Dissemination.

Leads: Marina Papageorgiou (CYI), Heidi Katrine Bang (CICERO)

WP17: Management and Coordination.

Leads: Ulas Im (AU), Athanasios Nenes (FORTH)