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Specific Objectives (SO) of CleanCloud are:

SO1 To advance the process understanding of aerosol and cloud processes that drive ACI and the aerosol types that are relevant to the transition to post-fossil regime.

SO2 To reduce uncertainties in climate models through a better representation of ACI and achieve better short and long-term climate predictions/projections.

SO3 To advance the representation of ACI in climate models via use of machine learning and integration of observations and models.

SO4 To advance the understanding of convective systems, their lifecycle, and the role of interactions with aerosols, and improve predictions of extreme events.

SO5 To contribute to the calibration and validation (Cal/Val) of satellite-derived aerosol and cloud observations, and their use and integration in climate models.

SO6 To bring the research, stakeholder, policy communities together to create and use latest advances in Earth science, observations, and modeling in the field of ACI, hence strengthen the climate science and its impact in society in Europe.

SO7 To provide new knowledge to IPCC and other climate assessments, and to increase public awareness.