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Statistical Consultations

The Applied Statistics Laboratory (aStatLab, at MATH, AU) is opening a system for statistical assistance for research groups at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NAT, AU). The statistical support is composed of the following activities:

  1. A system of statistical consultation (simple, daily questions)
  2. Short ad hoc internal projects (simple, well-defined questions requiring that a statistician from the aStaLab performs some specific analyses, short-duration max. one week of workload)
  3. Statistical support for PhD and Master at NAT (follow-up of statistical analyses related to PhD and Master theses).

These activities do not involve costs for the clients, but the aStaLab reserves the right to limit the total workload of the activities.

Book a statistical consultationg. (TODO)

Discuss a possible short ad hoc project (TODO)

Contact us for discussing possibilities for getting statistical support of PhD and Masters work (send e-mail to rodrigo.labouriau@math.au.dk with subject ...)