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Applied Statistics Laboratory

The Applied Statistics Laboratory (aStatLab) is a research group that works parallel to the theoretical statistics and the probability research groups at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University (AU). The aStatLab aims to research applied statistics, including developing new methods in statistics inspired by real applications. Several research groups at AU and external partners collaborate with and receive statistical support from the aStatLab.

The aStatLab currently has research lines on highly complex graphical models, theory of dispersion models, theory of designed experiments, and extensions of generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs), including the development of multivariate GLMMs, semi-parametric versions of GLMMs, GLMMs of high complexity. Moreover, we are interested in discussing the mathematical foundation of statistics related to the new paradigms of modern statistics proposed by the analysis of current large and complex data and new highly technological experimental setups.

The aStatLab is lead by Rodrigo Labouriau (rodrigo.labouriau@math.au.dk).


Rodrigo Labouriau

Associate Professor Department of Mathematics