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Participants and collaborators

Core team members

Mette Løvschal is PI in ANTHEA and Associate Professor at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum. She studies long-term changes in landscape organization and social forms, including commoning and processes of enclosure in the grasslands and heathlands of northern Europe in late prehistoric times and in modern-day southwestern Kenya.

Havananda Ombashi is postdoc in ANTHEA and co-responsible for WP2. She studies grazing and anthropogenic pressure through pollen, NPPs and charcoal dust and uses age/depth modelling of lake sediments, pollen/vegetation modeling and statistical analysis to reconstruct heathland management practices.

Postdoc 2 – TBA

Postdoc 3 – TBA

External experts

Anne Birgitte Nielsen is external expert in ANTHEA and senior lecturer in Quarternary Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. She is expert on quantitative reconstructions of past land cover and vegetation composition in a wider North European perspective and the impact of historical and prehistoric management practices. Personal webpage

Maria José De Abreu is external expert in ANTHEA and assistant professor at the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University, the United States of America. She engages with anthropological and philosophical debates on temporality, spaces of tension, medium theory, and political and ecological exhaustion and revitalisation and will be investigating the role of anthropogenic fire in heathland rejuvenation. Personal webpage

Jianbo Gao is external expert in ANTHEA and Distinguished Professor, Institute of Complexity Science and Big Data Technology, Guangxi University, China. He develops new approaches for interdisciplinary applications of complexity science, and is expert on quantitative research and nonlinear dynamics in big data, occurrence patterns, and modelling time scales.