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ANTHEA's publications cover a broad spectrum of subjects related to the mutuality of human-heathlands interaction, resilience, the coming into being of interspecies communities, herding and grazing regimes, disturbance ecologies, archaeological landscapes and transhumance. We are co-writing a series of articles with external collaborators coming out over the coming years. A section of publications is specifically related to the collapse and reconfiguration of commons related to the propagation of land tenure boundaries.Moreover, PI is working on a monograph with the current working title ‘Into the heathlands: The archaeological dimensions of being in common’. The co-edited volume ‘Early Land Allotment in Europe: Tracing tenure, temporalities, and social implications of field systems across Europe in prehistoric times’ will be published by Springer later this spring (2021) (eds. Stiijn Arnoldussen, Robert Johnston, Mette Løvschal).

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