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rethinkIMPACTS 2017's Stakeholder Manager Morten Falbe-Hansen and student assistant Mille Borup Truelsen have in cooperation with Research Manager Louise Ejgod Hansen published the report Evaluation of More Creative Events 2017.  

More Creative Events was a programme consisting of 16 different projects where cross-disciplinary as well as cross-institutional, cross-sectorial and international cooperation took place.

These events were created in order to highlight the creative strengths of Central Denmark Region within architecture, design, digital media, fashion, and gastronomy and where the individual events could showcase their creative products to a broad audience as a part of Aarhus 2017’s cultural program.

The report focuses on four selected projects and an evaluation workshop. It investigates the profit that the projects received from participating in a new cooperation and a new concept. Furthermore, the report investigates which value the events as a working tool has for the projects, and how those present projects view the interplay between culture and the creative businesses.  

New knowledge and competences, test of concepts and ideas, greater visibility within their field as well as within new subjects areas, extended network, and new inspiration are some of the core results, which the evaluation report has found.  

Read the report here (In Danish).