RE-VALUE - Rethinking the value of arts and culture

8-11 November 2017

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Project and Research Manager

Louise Ejgod Hansen

Associate professor
H bldg. 1580, 148
P +4587163004
P +4525566935

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How do we measure impacts of Aarhus 2017?

rethinkIMPACTS 2017 is responsible for the research-based evaluation of Aarhus 2017. As ‘rethink’ underpins all aspects of Aarhus 2017, the evaluation is approached in new ways regarding methods as well as evaluation process.

rethinkIMPACTS 2017 is a unique partnership between Aarhus 2017 and Aarhus University inviting researchers from a broad range of disciplines to engage in the creation of new strong and sustainable relations between the university, the city and the region.