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The Society for Psychological Anthropology (SPA)’s 2019 Biennial Meeting

The Aging as a Human Condition project had two panels at SPA meeting

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Wednesday 3 April 2019, at 10:00 - Wednesday 10 April 2019, at 19:00


Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

Panel 1: Intersubjectivity And The (Good) Old Life: Phenomenological Engagements With Anthropology, Philosophy And Art.

Discussants: Doug Hollan, Bernhard Leistle.

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Individual abstracts

Lone Grøn: The Alien Other. Intimacy, Time and Responsivity at a Danish dementia ward.

Maria Speyer: Inconclusive figures and intimate others in old age.

Susan Reynolds Whyte: Virtues and vexations: intimate others caring for elders in eastern Uganda.

Rasmus Dyring: On the anarchy of intimacy: For an ontological anthropology of intimate others in long-term care.

Maria Louw: Virtuous aging in uncanny spaces:  Being old and Kyrgyz in the absence of the young.

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Panel 2:  Troubling Intimate Others and The Good (Old) Life. 

Discussant: Joel Robbins.

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Individual abstracts

Lotte Meinert: Fencing off and keeping close. Ambiguous intimacies and space in elderly Ik Lives.

Helle Wentzer: Welfare others – dependencies in patient care paths after hospital.

Cheryl Mattingly: Aging as a relational act: Inter-bodies, alterities, and the ethics of care.

Harmandeep Gill: From money to poop.

Thomas Schwartz Wentzer: Ghosts from the past – German elders and the presence of World War 2.

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