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Second Klitgården research seminar, June 2018

Research seminar at Klitgården, Skagen, Denmark 2018

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Wednesday 30 May 2018, at 10:00 - Wednesday 6 June 2018, at 17:00



During this week, we had presentations/discussions on central project themes of uncertainty (Susan Reynolds Whyte), intimate others (Janelle Taylor), feminist phenomenology (Cheryl Mattingly) and a presentation/discussion on country comparison (Tine Rostgaard). There were informal evening presentations from Julie Livingston, Lawrence Cohen, Anne Marie Pahuus and Thomas Schwartz Wentzer. We gave status reports on our individual projects, engaged in experiments and workshops with the artists Maria Speyer and Tove Nyholm (e.g. by ‘embodying’ or ‘becoming’ our fieldwork interlocutors) and started up the SPA panel on the theme of “Troubling Intimate Others.” Finally, we discussed the theoretical ambitions of the project: philosophical anthropology and the phenomenological approach.

Advisory board for this seminar: Julie Livingston, Janelle Taylor, Lawrence Cohen, Tine Rostgaard, Anne Marie Pahuus, Thomas Schwartz Wentzer and Sverre Raffnsøe