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Strength training

The primary objective of strength training is to strengthen the muscle tissues, the structures of the connective tissues and the bone tissues. This function has great importance for the development of power and the performance in many sports, but it also has the purpose to increase the resistance of the muscle-, tendon- and bone structure against acute and longtime injuries, both related to training and competitions.

The network group has many research experiences with training and factors, which effects muscle growth, development of muscle strength, muscle power speed as well as restitution after strength training. The network group has started studies, which focus on how intensity and different ways of contraction can change specific muscle adaptions. There are also started studies, which focus on food supplements and immune medicine.  

Knowledge from these studies can be used in strength training within different sports and disciplines.

We have established a network group for strength training with the participation of:

You are welcome to contact these persons to get further information on strength training.