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Mon 25 Aug
11:00-11:00 | Edinburgh
RO-MAN 2014 -- Workshop on Philosophical Perspectives of HRI
Wed 20 Aug
16:47-16:48 | Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Robo-Philosophy--Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations
An international research conference on philosophical issues in social robotics. Keynote speakers: Hirosjhi Ishiguro, Illah Nourbakhsh. Plenary speakers: Mark Coeckelbergh, Kerstin Dauthenhahn, Luciano Floridi, David Gunkel, Peter Kahn, Maja Mataric, John Sullins, Wendell Wallach.
Fri 15 Nov
15:50-15:50 |
"Robots and Emotions" -- Workshop II of the FDFM Network, Kiel, November 15-16, 2013
The Network "'Friends By Design'--Formal Models of Human-Robot-Interaction" consists of 15-20 researchers in logic, philosophy, computer science, robotics, and linguistics at the universities of Hamburg, Kiel, Odense and Kolding (University of Southern Denmark) and Aarhus. The network organizes a series of four workshops (2013: Aarhus and Kiel, 2014: Hamburg and Kolding).
Fri 20 Sep
16:04-16:05 |
Raffaele Rodogno: "Sociable Robots, Self-Deception, and Sentimentality"
Conference contribution to The Anthropology and Philosophy Moral Experience, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Study, Sept. 20-21.
Mon 26 Aug
12:19-14:19 | Gyeongju, Korea
Call for papers: RO-MAN
We would like to bring to your attention the Call for Papers by our HIL/ATR-colleagues for the RO-MAN workshop: Enhancement/Training of Social Robotics Teleoperation and its Applications. The workshop will be held in Gyeongju, Korea on August 26, 2013. Please share this CFP with your colleagues, mailing lists and social networks
Sun 16 Jun
22:37-20:37 | Aarhus, Denmark
Workshop: Making Friends Ontological and Ethical Aspects of Personal Robots
Personal robots are envisaged as a subclass of sociable robots--their interactive capacities are to be tuned to the particular limitations and preferences of individual human beings.
Sun 16 Jun
22:37-20:37 | Aarhus, Denmark
3RD TRANSOR WORKSHOP: Social Robotics and Imagination
his workshop seeks to explore the concepts of "imagination", "cultural imagination" and "the imaginary" from different perspectives in order to clarify how such notions influence perceptions and interactions with the technology. Specifically we would like to map out some of the registers that affect the representation of social robots as both real and imaginary figures. As Lucy Suchman lines up in the introduction to her book Human-Machine Reconfigurations (2007), the word “imaginary” refers to the ways in which we see and imagine the world to be shaped, and is therefore also important for how we imagine technology. Imaginaries frame the human-machine reconfiguration and are realized in material ways. Despina Kakoudaki writes in her article “Studying Robots: Between Science and the Humanities” (2007) that real robots are inseparable from their imaginary counterparts because fiction affords intellectual and emotional content to the robot’s cultural presence. Anne Balsamo argues for the close connection between imagination and innovation in her book Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work ( 2011), and discusses social dimensions such as gender narratives within the technological imagination. Many other scholars in the field of social robotics refer to the concept of “imagination” or “imaginaries” in order to explain the cultural impact on the development of social robotics and human interaction with machines (Braidotti, Haraway, Sabanovich, to name a few). The different notions of “imaginaries” and “imagination” are suited for helping us think more deeply about the shifting perceptions of the social robotics; aesthetics, functionality and behavioral interaction, and to reflect upon the social robotics as something emblematic to the culture in our time. We would like to discuss questions concerning, but not limited to, how actual social robotics refer to or use the traditions of robotic representation in science fiction, film, philosophy and popular culture. How does cultural imagination determine and domesticate the interaction between humans and social robots? What is the affectual relationships between social robots and humans in terms of desire and imagination? We invite papers and presentations from any relevant discipline (philosophy, robotics, anthropology, psychology, cultural studies, arts, education, linguistics, cognitive science, computer science, sociology, science and technology studies. etc.), that address the notions of “imagination” in conjunction with the design, deployment, and development of social robotics.
Wed 03 Apr
15:00-18:00 | Building 1467, room 616.
Guestlecture Raul Hakli, University of Helsinki, Finland
Wednesday April 3, 16: 15-18:00, Building 1467, room 616.
Mon 16 Apr
16:01-16:01 |
Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro holder mandag den 16. april en gæsteforelæsning på Aarhus Universitet. Bag arrangementet står en tværfaglig forskergruppe, der sammen med professor Ishiguro er ved at starte et samarbejde op omkring humanistiske aspekter af robotteknologi.
Thu 23 Sep
19:25-19:25 | Interacting Minds Centre, AU , Building 1483, 3.
Workshop "Social Robotics and Modelling Theory of Mind"
Monday, 4/2, 2013, 13-17, Interacting Minds Centre, AU , Building 1483, 3.

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