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Workshop on "Reform as a permanent condition"

The workshop was held in Aarhus Dec. 7-8, 2015

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Monday 7 December 2015, at 09:00 - Tuesday 8 December 2015, at 16:00




Reseach Network for Ethnographic Studies of Legislative Reform

On December 7 and 8 2015, we held a workshop titled "Reform as a permanent condition".

We invited a group of scholars who share an interest in public sector management and the frequent public sector reforms occurring in Europe.

Listed in no particular order, the participants were: Bagga Bjerge, Nina Vohnsen, R.A.W. Rhodes, Mike Rowe, Lisa Weston, Tobias Eule, Karen Boll, Florence Faucher, Renita Thedval, Toke Bjerregaard, Jakob Krause, Marie Østergaard, Sara Hultqvist, Jesper Christensen, Julie Munk, Louise Christensen

We wanted to explore ethnographically what permanent instability means for working relationships and the functioning of public sector organisations at the street-level (e.g. schools, social offices, treatment clinics, job centres) and for the delivery of public services (e.g. policing, provision of care, tax inspection, and labour market oriented activities).

The papers presented and discussed at the workshop will be the basis for the publication of an edited volume with Manchester University Press.

Further and more specific notes (especially from each paper) can be forwarded upon request.