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Persistent effects of subsoil compaction on soil ecological services and functions

Persistent subsoil compaction is a major threat to sustainable soil quality and the cause of many environmental and agronomic problems. This is especially the case in the Scandinavian countries because of the common occurrence of wet soil conditions, when soils are most vulnerable to compaction. The problem is expected to intensify due to climate change. The POSEIDON project (2009-2013) investigated compaction effects on water flow, gas and solute transport, and microbial populations (denitrifiers). The focus was on the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O) and the leaching of pesticides and phosphorus as examples, because these are of particular interest in Scandinavia.   

Project leader

Per Schjønning

Emeritus Department of Agroecology - Soil Physics and Hydropedology

Poseidon was God of the sea but also mover of the earth, striking the ground with his trident when offended or ignored