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Danish Research Network for Platform Work

We research what it's like to work through digital platforms.

The Danish Research Network for Platform Work is constituted by scholars doing research on various aspects of working through digital labor platforms. Our common ground is our engagement with ethnographic research to achieve granular results and understandings of the work practices in the Danish platform economy.

The Network serves as a meeting place for openly discussing findings, methodologies and theoretical concepts, as we are strongly driven by a collaborative spirit and our will to share knowledge. Our goal is to provide a holistic view of the Danish platform economy through the members’ perspectives and we aspire to publish co-authored papers, present our collaborative work in conferences, pursue common research projects and disseminate our research findings to platform workers, the Danish society and relevant stakeholders.

We are not funded by a project, company or university and we are committed to academic research. Our members have various standpoints and wildly different projects and we wish to retain the Network as an open space for informal dialogue, knowledge sharing and common effort. We intend to organize various workshops and relevant research and dissemination activities in the near future. We welcome fellow researchers with common interests to join the Network.