External Advisory Board

External advisory board members

Professor Raymond Rowland, Kansas University is a lead PRRSV scientist in the USA with years of experience on research on PRRSV. He has been one of the main managers of the huge PRRSV research and control (CAP) project in the US and has a wide network to US scientists working on PRRSV.

Dr. Hanchun Yang, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University (CAU), Beijing, China is one of the key research persons in China which regard PRRSV as the most important pig disease.

Together these two external members have a unique insight into the challenge of developing a new PRRSV vaccine.

Dr. Imre Berger, Group is Leader at EMBL Grenôble, a leading institution in the ultrastructural analysis of biological macromolecules. Dr. Berger is an expert in engineering the co-expression of multiple proteins and in nano-scale characterization of multiprotein complexes. He has an interest in VLPs for vaccine purposes and will contribute expertise in multigene expression and ultrastructural characterization of VLPs by various techniques including TEM and immuno-TEM.